Yoga Sutras – Part IV – Cetin Cetintas

Worldly experiences are painful, but that is beacuse of us. We are creating this pain with our actions. Because of our ego, our desires. When we experience something, it brings more consequences and we create new desires. Because we want to be “someone”, because we do not flow and just be. In Yoga Sutras it is described:

2.15 A wise, discriminating person sees all worldly experiences as painful, because of reasoning that all these experiences lead to more consequences and deep habits (samskaras), as well as acting in opposition to the natural qualities. (parinama tapa samskara duhkhaih guna vrittih virodhat cha duhkham eva sarvam vivekinah)

2.16 Because the worldly experiences are seen as painful, it is the pain, which is yet to come that is to be avoided and discarded. (heyam duhkham anagatam)
When people feel so much pain, sometimes they want to die (suicides/depression) or suddenly they change. It’s like the pain in the body; when you feel pain in your body you know something is wrong. You will let your body die or you will cure yourself. It is the same with your life.
After people change/transform and when they forget the pain and feel they have a good or perfect life then this process repeats itself. Because then they will say “i wanna live forever and do this and that…”. Here come the new desires! Because again they forget they are creating this pain with their actions. That means pain will come again. Every action that comes from our ego brings new karma. New karmas will be experienced in a painful way sooner or later. Because it wants to show you “something is wrong with you”, it wants to libarete you from this world. The pain always shows there is something wrong.

To be continued…

Yoga Sutras – Part IV

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