Yoga Sutras – Part III – Cetin Cetintas

This sutra is everything. It says everything you need. Sutra 1.23:

ishvara pranidhana va “From a process of devotion and letting go yourself into the creative source samadhi will be almost attained.”

Life is all about understanding. We are reading many things, we are hearing many things, we are learning many things but do we really understand them? Do we really see the power of the meanings? If we do then we transform. But think; many people knows about healthy living, but how many of them are living healthy 🙂 ? Knowing doesn’t mean understanding. Life is all about understanding. When your modifications diminish, your consciousness will rise, then you will start to understand more. Sometimes you read a book and after a while when you read it again, you see more things inside it. You understand more. Because in time with practice your consciousness becomes more dominant. When your mind is gone and there is only consciousness, you will be able to see meaning of “letting go”. In that way you will almost be able to attain samadhi. Why almost? This is another subject…


To be contiuned…

Yoga Sutras – Part III

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