Yoga Sutras – Part II – Cetin Cetintas

When we say “Yoga is the controlling of the modifications of the mind field” it is very important to understand what we mean with “Controling”. Misunderstanding makes the practice painful and unsuccessful. Controling doesn’t mean “suppress” it means “REGULATE”. When you suppress your thoughts, emotions or actions, they become stronger. The More you suppress them, more powerful they become. So i do not say “live your emotions and one day suddenly you will change”. No, because it is not possible. You have to take an action to change. Without any action after even all the great experiences , everything will remain same. At this point sutra 1.13 stands out:

tatra sthitau yatnah abhyasa “Practice means applying the effort that bring a stable state”

If you do not apply the effort, and if you do not put strict practice in your life, then nothing will change. If you just sit at home and if you say “i will be a painter!” will you be a painter? Of course not. You have to show the effort; learn, practice, understand… So sutra 1.13 is very important. Control comes with practice. When we say practice, we doesn’t mean just asana practice, there are many kind of practices a yogi should do to understand her/his true self.

Yoga Sutras – Part II

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