Yoga Sutras – Part I – Cetin Cetintas

I practiced sanskrit for many years to read ancient yoga texts in their own language and understand them with their real meaning. In my 280 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings i teach 100 hours of Yoga Sutras (Chapter I and Chapter II). Because without having the knowledge of Yoga Sutras how can someone be a Yoga teacher? Yoga Sutras must be known by teachers. This is not what i believe but this is the way it is. Because Yoga is explained by Yoga Sutras. Without knowing Yoga Sutras how can you know why you are doing yoga and what is the path you are following? Anyway Yoga Sutras has great knowledge which can transform anyone’s life.

Today i will explain sutra 1.2 : -yogash chitta vritti nirodhah “Yoga is the controling of the modifications of the mind field”

What is the modification of the mind field? Everything we perceive is modification. But to understand that we need to go step by step. For example; when you are saying “I like tea but i hate coffee” these are modifications. You put “i like” modification on tea and “i hate” modification on coffee. Now when your mind hear “coffee” it will remember this with the “i hate” modification. Because now it’s been created. And most of the time even when you really want to drink coffe you can not drink it because of the modification. It is so strong and it will tell you “No you can not because you hate it!”. This is how our minds work. Modifications decide on everything. Maybe you’ve created it 20 years ago but even today it is deciding for you. Scientists’ researches say “Your mind makes the decision based on previous experiences on everything even before you think about it”. So all the modifications create one’s “Character”…
To be continued…

Yoga Sutras – Part I

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