Naked – Cetin Cetintas

We all are born naked like all other beings. But as soon as we are born, we’ve found our bodies hidden from the others. As we grow up, we started to hide our bodies also from ourselves besides others.  We felt unsafe when we are naked, we literally felt “naked!” But even with a little piece of clothing (like swimwears/underwears), was enough to make us feel safe. A piece of cloth which is made not even of 1-meter fabric was able to make us “solid”.

How can a little piece of clothing make us feel solid? What causes this solidness to get damaged when we get naked? Why our bodies being exposed make us feel insecure and damaged? In the mind-field that piece of cloth is attached to something bigger than it is. It is attached to a very strong modification which is related to mind and which is leading

We feel secure. How can A little piece of clothing give us that feeling? In the mind-field that cloth is attached to something bigger than it is. It is attached to a very strong modification which leads the human life. The seed of the source to that modification creates the humanity, creates the world of human. That little cloth is actually keeping one’s creating force secure and partially under control. This force is usually very powerful and is difficult to keep under control.  This creative force can create anything but the problem with it is that the human mind is not pure enough to create awareness with this power.

Therefore, one wears clothes and stays solid as much as possible. Just like clothes, also practicing teachings keep one to protect his/herself from unpure/bad actions. Just like the physical body, the energy body and the mind of the person are also naked. Only a teaching can cover this nakedness. Jut like wearing the clothes, a person should practice the teaching 7/24 to protect himself from unpure actions. Without the teaching, the person the actions of the person are naked and his creative force is totally without control. If the actions are pure, then, of course, being naked is not a problem. But if the actions are unpure, then nakedness results in harm, lies, destruction, greed etc. Everything is related to this seed we’ve mentioned; because this seed is the foundation of the root chakra (Muladhara Chakra) which is located around the sacrum.

Creating force is the key to everything we need or we have. The human creates because of their desires. And also fear is another reason for creation which is also lead by desires. The first desire of human being exists on Muladhara Chakra; which says “I want to live” which is the source of the creation action. And it continues with “I want to live safely. I want to reproduce to live longer.” This location is very important for this reason and it requires to be protected and to be hidden. Actually people don’t hide their sexual organs only, in principal, they feel safe and solid by hiding the Muladhara Chakra.

When one mind’s become pure by practicing teachings, nakedness is not an issue. Because then there wouldn’t be any tamasic thoughts in that person’s mind. But to be naked purely, first his/her body should become something ordinary for that person. After all, where s/he reflects is the physical world and purity starst there. When someone becomes ordinary, s/he won’t see her/his self as a male or female. One should not separate his/herself from the others. This is the hardest part of being pure; accepting and realizing to be one with everything. Until this point, teachings are the greatest clothes that can keep one safe. These clothes can teach us compassion, understanding, how to love, how not to hurt others, and as a result how in fact there are no others ???? In that way One can get rid of all the unpure actions and thoughts. And one can go back to his true, infinite state.


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