After obtaining his degree in the department of Biology of Istanbul University, he went on with his studies at Anadolu University, in the department of Sports Management. His love for biology takes its roots from his aspiration to probe on the living beings and their lives. He tired he best to better understand the movements, behaviours of the living beings and their interactions with their surroundings.

He underwent various trainings about yoga and meditation for long and consecutive years at different monasteries in China, Tibet, India, Burma and Thailand. He’s learned Sanskrit and studied the old scriptures in India. Following this experience, he lived in Myanmar, Pa-Auk Forest Monastery as a Monk and he studied Pali Sutras. Cetin Cetintas translated many ancient scriptures into Turkish. He’s published his yoga book “Finding Hanuman Within” in 2016. In 2018 he is getting ready to publish his second book “Yoga Sutras I- Handbook of a Yogi” in which there are also his translations of Yoga Sutras from Sanskrit to Turkish. On 2019 he will publish his third book “Yoga Sutras-II” and fourth book “Shiva Sutras”.

He very oftenly deliver teacher trainings, retreats and workshops on yoga and meditation around the world.  He try to help those who practice yoga take their yoga experience down to further depths not only in physical terms but also spiritually. For the gates opening into the truth are not out there somewhere, they are not inside the others or in the other things, yet those gates are that very person himself and they are in him. Cetin Cetintas says: ”Human being see every other thing but themselves. And I am a humble mirror standing before you, reflecting your very self to you.”